Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Funny Valentines

I saw this online a few days before Valentines and couldn't help but smile.  I've loved making cute/creative Valentines for the boys the past few years, but this was so not my year for that.  Between the adoption and Adam's birthday, Valentines was way down on my priority list this year and I felt some mommy guilt about that for about all of 5 minutes before I realized....who cares?!  Certainly not any of the boys in my house, so I shouldn't either.  Store-bought Valentines it was and that was that.  :)

We still had a great day though.  All the boys had parties at school and it was an 'extra' day for Titus since he usually only goes 1 day a week.  Their teacher brought donuts for the mamas and that was a fun mid-morning treat.  I had time to come home and get a few things done before meeting up with my hubby for a V-Day lunch.  RoRo was here for a few days and she joined us as well.  Yummy Red Lobster totally hit the spot.

 photo IMG_7186_8_zps21747463.jpg 

RoRo picked Drew and Titus up from school for me so that I could head straight over for Adam's party. I'm one of the homeroom moms for his class and needed to be there a bit early to help out. The other homeroom mom planned a pretty elaborate party and the local mad scientist came to entertain the kids. They all loved it so much and I'd say we had 2 pretty awesome parties this year between this and the crazy Christmas one.

  photo class_5_zps3edce6ec.jpg  photo bubbles_5_zpsd28d01de.jpg  photo boys_4_zps4816b906.jpg
Could his smile be any bigger?!

  photo adam3_3_zps7ba25acc.jpg 

We made it home just about the time that Titus woke up from his nap and the 4 of us went straight out to the trampoline for some jumping fun. It is probably my favorite thing to do with the kids...we are loving it! 

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And then I had just enough time to brush out my tangled hair and head back to A's school for his parent teacher conference. He is doing fabulously well and his teacher really enjoys having him in class. My favorite thing I learned is that Adam has recently shared with his teacher and classmate that he has a little sister in China. *swoon* 

I cooked one of Matt's favorite meals for dinner (cheesy ham/potato casserole) and we had Jennifer and Addyson join us for an early-bird special. Matt and Adam had basketball practice that night so we ate at 5:30 so they could get out the door a little after 6:00. Jennifer's husband had to work that evening, so it ended up being a perfect night for them to come over. RoRo, Jennifer, and I spent the evening visiting while the kiddos played and had a great time.

  photo IMG_7206_3_zpsaf44b851.jpg  photo IMG_7208_2_zpsd59ae2ab.jpg  photo IMG_7211_1_zpsefaed31a.jpg 

Definitely not a 'typical' Valentine's Day around here full of roses and romance, but that's okay. It's a holiday all about sharing love and that's definitely what we did. 

Loved having RoRo here because she was a huge help and she always makes us smile. Loved getting to have a kid-free lunch with my sweetie. Loved spending some time at the boys' schools and seeing how much fun they have with their friends. Loved jumping on the trampoline and hearing my kids squeal with laughter (even though it is usually a supreme test of my bladder control). Loved spending the evening with good friends and strengthening our bonds of friendship. 

In fact the only part of Valentine's Day that I didn't love was thinking about my baby girl being without us on the other side of the world.  I think about her all day long every single day, but there are some days when her absence is felt more than others and V-Day was one of those days.  Lord willing, this may have been the last Valentine's Day she ever spends alone.  In the meantime, our hearts will continue to long for the missing piece of our family.