Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Photo Phone Dump

Actually a few Fridays worth, but who's counting?

We spent the morning with some friends at a new bounce house a few weeks ago. Kids loved it and this mama worked up quite a sweat playing on all the inflatables.

  photo kiddos_2_zps6e70e929.jpg

Nearly every photo I took ended up a big blur, which is a shame because you can't tell how much they were loving it.

  photo slide_1_zpsef5b3ead.jpg 

Speaking of love, at one point Titus and Charlotte wandered away and we found them sharing snacks in the corner.

  photo IMG_7111_7_zpsfd37f2e6.jpg 

They are quite a pair!

  photo charlotteandtitus_11_zpse6dad3a5.jpg 

We refueled afterwards at Subway. Morgan and Drew are cute as can be, even if Drew wouldn't part with his plastic silverware to save his life.

 photo drewandmorgan_12_zps0cfde51c.jpg 

Monkey see, monkey do.

  photo IMG_7128_6_zpscb6d004f.jpg

The morning of our snow Drew wasted no time checking it out. Being barefoot didn't bother him a bit.

  photo drewfirstsnow_2_zpsf7c2f458.jpg

Love the way the house looks when it snows. If only the inside looked this pristine!

  photo snowhouse_24_zps92ebcca3.jpg

Another one of the boys that afternoon when it was all melting away.

 photo IMG_7298_11_zps340ab806.jpg 

Titus and Mason being silly while watching Dora. 

  photo IMG_6946_4_zpsa960257c.jpg 

Drew has made a new buddy at Adam's basketball games. They play super heroes the ENTIRE game. The first time they spent a lot of time together Drew told him, "You are my new best friend and that means you are invited to my birthday party." So, so sweet.

  photo IMG_7035_1_zps97734053.jpg 

He is actually adopted from Ethiopia and one of his older sisters is adopted from China. I've really enjoyed getting to know this family. A few practices into the season and Matt found out that both his assistant coaches have adopted. Who would've dreamed that all 3 coaches on an Upwards team would be adoptive fathers? Love that! 

This is how I keep Titus occupied during games.

  photo IMG_7048_16_zpse70c5ec9.jpg 

A few other game day pics:

  photo IMG_7309_14_zps2e19c1e0.jpg  photo IMG_7248_5_zps4796db1e.jpg  photo adamandmatthew_1_zps9a1f945b.jpg  photo IMG_7311_15_zps23435005.jpg 

We discovered some of Adam's 5T footie jams a while back and Drew was beside himself with happiness. I don't think they'd ever been worn because Adam stopped liking footie jams at age 3. Drew absolutely LOVES them.

  photo IMG_7078_10_zps16d037cd.jpg 

And of course little brother demanded to be photographed next.

  photo IMG_7082_9_zpscd5ed307.jpg 

The only pic I got from our Super Bowl party and this doesn't even include everyone. It was a BIG group and we had a blast as always. 

  photo superbowl_25_zps79d01bd3.jpg 

A couple more moments with RoRo during her recent visit.

  photo IMG_7251_6_zps038bc68b.jpg  photo IMG_7292_10_zpsa40c6817.jpg 

T got these blocks for Christmas and the boys play with them every blessed day.

  photo IMG_7302_12_zps5a966cf6.jpg  photo IMG_6743_3_zps298fe402.jpg 

Our friends Jake and Jennifer invited us over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and we loved spending the evening with them. Wanted a picture of all the kids and Jake's pretty much a big kid so it was fitting for him to be in it too. :) 

 photo IMG_7136_5_zps9ec602f1.jpg 

 Kyle, Alex, and Morgan play at our house a lot of afternoons after school. It never fails that the boys end up shirtless...even when it's only 50 degrees.

 photo IMG_7165_4_zpse33f0a7f.jpg 

Drew loves playing beauty salon (Ssssh...don't tell Matt!) and from time to time I let him loose in the bathroom and fix me up anyway he likes. 

  photo IMG_7094_8_zpsbaea007c.jpg 

Goofing around one evening. It's what we do best.

  photo IMG_7257_8_zps4d7abff3.jpg 

Adam is starting to really love reading. I love finding him reading in random places.

  photo IMG_7273_9_zps3a557076.jpg

These 2 got to stay up a little later than normal one night and battle it out over a game of Candyland. They really are best friends and it is the sweetest thing.

 photo IMG_7353_21_zps7b1ba40e.jpg

These 2 on the other hand...not so much. (Just keeping it real!) They love each other of course, but they are very similar temperament wise and they usually bicker nonstop. Earlier this week they brought out a tons of pillows and stuffed animals and jumped off the couch on their pile for THREE HOURS. I kid you not. They were so happy and loving on each other and I completely gave up on controlling the mess and just let them jump their little hearts out. 

 photo IMG_7382_23_zpse88bea25.jpg 

Out for a walk in the wooded area near our house. I imagine the boys will be down here building forts before I know it.

  photo IMG_7346_19_zps7a6750d0.jpg  photo IMG_7344_18_zpsb69b78ee.jpg  photo IMG_7336_17_zpsee78b4b5.jpg  photo IMG_7348_20_zpsb8112a10.jpg 

Adam got Battleship for his birthday and it is one of his favorite new games. We just have to make sure little brothers are far, far away when we play. 

 photo IMG_7252_7_zps674aeed2.jpg 

Titus got a container of those colored bath fizzies in his Christmas stocking. They'd used 4 or 5 so far this year and then one evening the little rascals dumped the entire container in the tub with them. They pretty much needed a bath to get cleaned up from their bath.

 photo IMG_7169_3_zpsc19c8124.jpg 

Had to snap a pic of Titus at the bus stop the other day...wearing his Elmo PJs a sunhat and eating a PopTart.

  photo IMG_7360_22_zps4295ec09.jpg 

Went to dinner and a movie (Safe Haven) with a bunch of girlfriends last weekend. We had SO much fun and I laughed just about all night. Only pic I got was this grainy one of me and Allison at the movie, but I have to include it because I am absolutely crazy about this girl. So blessed to have such amazing girlfriends.

  photo IMG_7307_13_zpsc4f3549a.jpg 

Here's Titus with another one of his girlfriends, Elizabeth. They go to preschool together and are both absolute stinkers. And cute ones at that...a terrifying combination!

  photo IMG_3769_14_zps8548334a.jpg 

We met up with Rachel and Charlotte at the mall on Thursday. C and T play together so well and they really do love each other even if they won't pose together despite their mamas best efforts.

 photo photo109_zps6495fe1a.jpg 

Titus and I ran a couple errands and then met up with Matt for lunch that day at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  We usually just come home after dropping Drew off at school, but it was pretty fun to stay out all morning with our favorite peeps.

 photo photo107_zps915c2713.jpg 

And last, but not least... Parenthood is some pretty fun stuff.


Our Geeky Family said...

I loooove your boys' personalities!!! Noah also has a secret love for styling my hair. He sometimes jumps into bed with me in the morning and brushes my hair.

Kyla said...

Haha! That video was funny. The other night N was taking his sweet time getting in the shower (as always, he LOVES to stare at himself in the mirrors) and Josh snuck up on him and MAN, did that kid scream. So hilarious!