Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Odds & Ends

We started off the new year with a game night with some of our friends. Apparently we were all having too much fun to pay attention to the toddler in the make up bag. This is definitely my favorite pic of the night.

  photo IMG_0666_10_zps8004d835.jpg 

We had 3 more snow days in early January (days 6, 7, and 8). I don't remember when we've ever had so many days out of school. I was totally over it by that point and was so ready for the big boys to be back in school so I could get some kind of routine going again. It was way too cold to be outside, so we were cooped up for a long, long time (this was right after Christmas break). We may have started to get a bit delirious.

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The boys sure weren't complaining about all that time out of school however. Drew slept past 9:00 every morning. On this particular day he didn't get up until 10:00. He is my kindred spirit for sure!

  photo IMG_0670_11_zps4b9fd66b.jpg 

A napping Titus picture because I can never get enough of these.

.  photo IMG_0651_9_zps4d075be9.jpg 

 Lunch date with my favorite big and favorite little guys. 

 photo dadandty_8_zps0b20b349.jpg 

Adam and Drew are both playing Upwards basketball this year. (They are in each other's jerseys in this pic...long story).

  photo BBALL_5_zps2c0c08e1.jpg 

Drew loves practicing with his team, but is still trying to figure out what to do during the games. He sure knows how to guard his man, however. On Saturday's game, his guy was literally running circle after circle around all the other players when his team was on offense. So of course Drew just ran right behind him the entire time as they looped every one again and again. It was nutty! And the week before that, Drew paused at half court to pick his nose and eat a booger in front of everyone. Oh me, oh my. It is quality entertainment. 

Adam, who is absolutely passionate about basketball, is getting better and better each year. He has a great team this year (Matt is the assistant coach) and they won their first 3 games by quite a margin. Adam is a super star on defense and loves to make long-distance shots. It's really getting exciting to watch now that the kids actually understand the game. He's also on a team with 2 of his best friends, which has made it even better.

  photo bballboys_4_zps94f728eb.jpg 

Some more Adam news is that his entire 3rd grade had a big project due this month. Everyone had to pick a person they think is a hero and they did research, wrote a paper, came up with a costume, gave a speech, and made a display board. When we first got the assignment in the fall my eyes about boggled out of my head...it seemed like so much work for 8 year olds! So of course the parents were heavily involved, but it all came together little by little and the kids did a phenomenal job. 

Adam chose Abraham Lincoln and we really learned a lot of fascinating things about him in our research. {His mom died of milk poisoning from their family cow. He went to school in bits and pieces, but his entire education totaled less than 1 year...and yet he passed the bar exam and even became a lawyer before being President. He was an accomplished wrestler and is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. John Wilkes Booth's brother saved Lincoln's son from being ran over by a train. Fascinating stuff, people!}

  photo IMG_0790_7_zps67dad25d.jpg 

The day of the big presentation, the parents and other grades were invited. All the kids had to act like statues and when their stickers were pushed they came alive and gave their speeches. It was seriously adorable and I was blown away by the fantastic job they all did. 

 photo IMG_0806_1_zps7091cf02.jpg  photo boys_7_zpsc421e8e6.jpg 

 Later that day Titus wanted to be in a costume of his own, so we came home and battled bad guys together. And no, that is not meant to be an adult's costume. I was like a stuffed sausage in that thing.

  photo IMG_0811_1_zps41140329.jpg 

Which reminds me of another fun evening this month when we played family hide and seek. The last hide of the night was a battle between Matt and I with all 3 kids hunting for us. I decided to try a hiding spot I've always wondered about...

  photo IMG_0686_10_zps43b87f8b.jpg 

Yes, this 5'10" mama (who shamefully eats an entire bag of Doritos in one sitting) managed to cram herself in the dryer for over 10 minutes while they searched the entire house for me. I nearly suffocated, but it was worth it! 

Cousin Luke spent a few days with us last week. Titus and Luke are like siblings...they both adore and annoy one another with all of their hearts. :) We have serious love for those cousins of ours and it was such a treat to have Luke visit. (Even if I have no stinking clue how to handle his long hair. Bless his heart.)

  photo IMG_0851_20_zpsdd72b950.jpg  photo IMG_0848_4_zps458e06f0.jpg  photo boysinthetub_6_zpsa588e3ea.jpg  photo jz_1_zps961a1bce.jpg 

 Love this pic of our time at Jump Zone. Matt came over on his lunch break and even though Titus and Mason had been doing slides on their own all morning, they both acted like they had to have Matt's help once he was there...so he had one kid on each leg for all the slides. Such a good daddy!

  photo mattandboys_2_zps455c8ca5.jpg 

And proof that if I ever have a picture of the boys smiling normally, it is a true miracle because 99% of their photos look something like these:

 photo IMG_0840_3_zps44a296b4.jpg  photo IMG_0753_8_zps4bd1844b.jpg  photo sillyboys_3_zps19a2750f.jpg photo IMG_0821_2_zps20af0fd1.jpg


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, that first picture and the one of you in the dryer crack me up. Reminds me so much of our crazy house, fun times!!!